Friday, January 24

An evening of freestyle exercises that will allow you to reconnect with your passion and love for dance.

This dance workshop is unlike any other. Instead of teaching you choreography in a specific style I am spending 2 hours working on YOUR freestyling.

I believe that we never get enough time in class to explore our freestyles, and some of us don’t dance anywhere except class. That’s why I created this workshop. 

A 2-hour workshop consisting of 7 different exercises with a variety of prompts designed to help you rediscover your original relationship with dance as well as yourselves. Everyone is encouraged to be adventurous with their movement and follow their curiosity. There is no wrong way to execute an exercise. Open to every level and style of dancer.

This will be a supportive space. No bad vibes. 
Come in what you train in (socks, runners, heels, barefoot etc)

Here’s what Samaza Murava, singer and musician, had to say about out last Freestyle Workshop:
“My first freestyle workshop lead by Shaka was an incredible experience, to say the least. It was amazing to be able to strip dance down to its original origins, free-flowing movement. I haven’t seen a workshop like this offered in the city so I feel very grateful to have been able to take part in this. What I like the most is that we weren’t modelling our movements after any specific style or genre it was really about getting more in touch with yourself and how you personally connect to music.  How music makes YOU feel and breaking down the barriers to between you and your fullest expression. I left the class feeling a sense of confidence and acceptance of myself, feeling more secure in my movement and my expression overall. It taught me that confidence is always within grasp, and sometimes it just takes getting out of your mind and into your body to feel it.”