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Heels Class – The 4 Empowering Takeaways

Why is taking a heels class so life changing?

Dancing is a lot of fun and there are so many benefits from taking a dance class. It’s an excellent way to get your sweat on. It can boost your mood, reduce anxiety and lower your stress levels. It’s great for improving strength, endurance, coordination, balance, flexibility, etc. The list goes on.

But what makes a heels class different? Taking a heels class will give you all of that plus so much more. My goal in life is for all women to feel more comfortable in their own skin, more confident in their bodies and to embrace their femininity. I teach this through my heels classes. These classes are more than just steps, everyone who enters will receive these four empowering takeaways;

1. A Connection To Your Body

Heels Dance is an intimate art form. It’s quite personal. You are given the chance to move and connect to your body in ways you haven’t before. Everyone experiences it differently. Certain moves are made to enhance your body’s natural curves. Other moves require you to touch your thighs, your legs, your hair or even your booty. This self-touch is meant to deepen your connection and promote a natural exploration with your body. Remember, there is no one way to be sexy. I believe that a woman is sexy when she is confident in herself and comfortable with her body.

2. A Rediscovery of Your Sensuality

Sensuality in movement is smooth, mysterious, seductive and mesmerizing. The moves we perform in heels are meant to encourage women to feel powerful and connect them to our inherent sensuality. Sensuality is a natural female expression that, for ages, women have been told to hide. This heels class will help you rediscover that sensuality that you have hidden away and trust me when I say that it will feel so good once you let it out. 

3. The Permission To Take Up Space

As women, we are accustomed to taking up as little space as we can. We are taught to be modest. Some believe that being too wild, loud or sexual is dangerous. Well, I have had enough of that. I hold space for every woman who comes to my class. I want you to take up as much space as you need for yourself. No one plays small in my class. I challenge everyone to be bigger, louder, braver and more dangerous. 

4. Support From Other Females

If you want a personal little cheer squad, you will certainly get one after attending my classes. My regular students love to pass on the good vibes and make sure everyone is having a fun time. I’ve seen total strangers become good friends after weeks of attending my classes. These ladies love to share insights with newcomers and help them feel more at home. We all have respect and love for each other. 


You’ve helped me connect to myself as a woman – Giselle (student for 1 year)


I strive to take care of my students. I check in with everyone and go through steps as often as necessary. But how you feel is much more important than getting all the moves. I get to see women grow through dance and develop a deeper love for themselves. And as a teacher, that is the most rewarding thing. 

If you do decide to try out a class we will be here to welcome you to our family. Click Here to see what classes I am offering at this time.

I am looking forward to seeing you in class sometime! 

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