What is heels dance?

Heels is an urban style of dance that is a combination of the three main foundation styles of dance which are ballet, jazz and hip hop. Heels dance has evolved out of commercial dance in the last 30 years. You can find most female dancers in music videos, on tour and in commercials wearing heels. Heels dance has become quite popular in the last 5-10 years, but most websites and teachers still do not recognize it as it’s own style. It is considered to be rather a mash up of hip hop, jazz and ballet, all depending on the teacher or choreographer’s background. 

Thanks to Instagram and Youtube heels dance has started to become quite trendy. Thanks to teachers like Yanis Marshall, Aisha Francis and Danielle Polanco, who people fondly refer to as “Heels Royalty”, for really started to put this style on the map. Now, many more studios around the world are offering heels dance classes. These days the styles heels resembles most are hip hop and street jazz. 

What clothing should I wear to class?

Wear what you feel comfortable in. Something form fitting that you can work out in. Tights and a sports bra is a great base, then you can layer with a tank top or a wrap-around depending on the coverage that you feel most comfortable in. 

It’s also a good practice to pack kneepads in case we get down on the floor. 

What heels should I wear?

The keyword for your heels is SUPPORT. You need to have proper support so that you can feel comfortable and safe in your choice of heels. The heel should feel like an extension of your foot, therefore it should support you in two main places: your ankle, and the base of your foot. Meaning your foot isn’t sliding out of the shoe. 

I’ve put together a Pinterest Board of some great examples of shoes for class.