Have you ever wanted to learn how to dance in a heel?
Or find a way of movement that is sensual and feminine?
Are you the type that shies away from dancing because you think you aren’t good at it?
Are you nervous to take a dance class because you aren’t flexible or coordinated?
Or maybe you are just looking for a place to go where you can vibe out with a room full of good music and supportive women.

Learn the fundamentals to heels dance with Shaka Lee. Heels is a sensual and feminine style of dance where all the moves are performed in a heel. It is taught in a safe community of other women who are supportive and encouraging.

Although it is challenging, this class will focus on the fundamentals of the style; balance, weight transfers, lines, quality of movement, and transitions. Additionally, you will also learn the proper techniques for walks, hair whips, bevels and floor work. Each class will end with a short piece of choreography for you to learn, videotape and even take home and practice if you like. 

Please bring a heel that is comfortable for you to walk in and make sure it supports your ankle. Wear comfortable clothes. Workout clothes are recommended – no jeans! Bring water to stay hydrated and knee pads just incase we get down on the floor. 

Come and join the class. No dance experience necessary. : )

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My Intro to Heels Class is for complete beginners. I teach at a slow and friendly pace to make sure that you understand the movements. 

We start off with a 10-15 minute warm-up followed by a little bit of technique training; walks, weight transfers, dips etc (I tend to switch it up every time). And then we dive into learning the 40 – 50 second choreography. I try my best to leave some time for you to take pictures and videos at the end of class as well.  

Since my classes are intimate I try to cater the moves to the levels of the students in my class, as some have more experience than others. If taking a class right away seems too daunting for you, you can always book a private lesson with me first!

Gotta Dance is located at
3581 Dundas St W Studio 1

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7pm Heels Fundamentals
– We learn the importance of technique, walks, lines, weight transfers and more. 

8pm Beg Heels Choreo – I teach you 30 – 50 seconds of challenging beginner choreography at a comfortable pace. I walk you through all the moves and answer questions as we go, making sure to never leave anyone behind. 


CirQular Motion is located at
6 Carlaw Ave Unit 104 Studio 2