Shaka Lee was born and raised in Toronto. She is a model and dancer that has been training in the style of heels for 4 years in Toronto. She has learned from some of the industry’s top teachers like Yanis Marshall and Jessica Castro.

She is a samba dancer that performs with the company Made In Solano. She was in the Hot In Heels Canada company in 2017. Shaka Lee has also been a gogo dancer since 2012 and you can find her performing at venues all around the city every weekend.

“Dancing has been a passion of mine ever since I was a little kid, but I never had the chance to have professional training as a child. Finding heels in my twenties has seriously changed my life. I love the way I get to express myself through this style. It is all things feminine; it can be soft and sweet, at other times playful and coy, it can be abstract, fierce, commanding and above all, sensual. It has become my workout, my outlet, my creativity, my therapy. If I can get one woman to access any of those sides of her and feel more confident in herself, then I have done my job.”

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