Do you love to dance?

Dance with Shaka Lee is a movement and dance-based business that empowers women to connect to their femininity and sensuality through classes, workshops and private lessons, both in-person and virtually.

“My goal in life is for all women to feel more comfortable in their own skin, more confident in their bodies and to embrace their femininity.”

Need More Movement Back In Your Life?

A free week-long challenge designed to add more movement back into your life. Open to anyone!

No tutorials, no counts of 8, no choreography whatsoever.


Right now a lot of us are stuck at home. We spend all day sitting at our desks or slumped on our couch. We can’t go to the gym, our yoga mats just sit there collecting dust, and it isn’t warm enough to go for long neighbourhood walks just yet.

We need more movement in our day-to-day lives. Movement and expression are vital for our physical and mental health, but it’s so easy to make excuses to not do it. Skip a workout, watch another show, sleep in, etc.

I’ve designed this super simple challenge to add movement back into your lives.